Dear Friends,

Creative Intelligence was my community for professionals seeking to adopt future-ready mindsets, partner with AI, and integrate technology to boost productivity and quality of life.

Together, we embraced continuous optimization - a key principle for thriving in times of change.

Ironically, this led me to make the difficult decision to wind down Creative Intelligence in its current form.

In my professional life, I'm an advisor to visionary entrepreneurs where I champion the human side of AI. I also lead workshops and teach courses to help people understand how to navigate technological change with ease, empowerment, and efficiency.

I'm living proof that we can build fulfilling lives and do meaningful work by:

  • Leveraging technology and our best skills to maximize impact
  • Creating a healthy new relationship with time
  • Pursuing continuous growth and lifelong learning

While this chapter of Creative Intelligence is closing, our journey at Ridiculously Efficient continues.

Thank you for being part of my community. Let's stay connected as we navigate change with creativity, courage and compassion.

With gratitude,