Marissa Brassfield is Ridiculously Efficient®. She’s a parallel entrepreneur and prolific wisdom curator, renowned for efficiently integrating vision with strategy. Her Unique Ability is making ideas real by helping innovation and implementation teams work together effectively. Ultimately, she helps mission-driven businesses make an even bigger positive impact with ease and integrity.‌‌‌‌

Described by clients as a lynchpin, force multiplier, unicorn, and goddess of operations, Marissa specializes in brand narrative and ecosystem optimization, experience design, content strategy, thought leadership, and work-life alignment.

Since 2007, Marissa has challenged the status quo of burnout culture, toxic teams, and prioritizing money over relationships – with love, efficiency, creativity and influence.

🚀 Turning Ideas Into Action

Marissa has cultivated relationships, created thought leadership strategies, launched products, designed experiences, and recruited small teams that have collectively driven hundreds of millions of dollars in attributable revenue for Fortune 100 executives, nonprofits, and global leaders like Peter Diamandis.‌‌‌‌As an international event producer and showrunner, her stages have been the intellectual playground of leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Tom Bilyeu, and executives from Microsoft, Uber, HTC China, and IBM Watson.

All as an independent contractor working remotely (back when it was still weird to work from home).

🧠 Curating & Contextualizing Wisdom

Marissa is also a high-performance writer and brand marketer, with over 15,000 online articles published under her name and several thousand articles ghostwritten for entrepreneurs across the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia.

While working with Diamandis, she created an experimental news digest called Abundance Insider to gather the week's top technological breakthroughs. The concise, scannable format and thoughtful analysis made Abundance Insider an instant hit, and for years, it was distributed weekly to over 300,000 subscribers.

Diamandis would later incubate a startup that uses artificial intelligence to automate the manual work of curating, writing, and distributing topical digests. Marissa is a founding shareholder and advisor.

Marissa's perspectives on productivity and the future of work have been featured in print and online at Entrepreneur, Lifehacker, The Muse, Huffington Post, and Forbes. She was also interviewed for the documentary Adaptability and the Future of Work: Seeing the Invisible, produced by Emmy® Award-winning director Nick Nanton.

🧭 Wayfinding Through Unprecedented Change

In June 2019, Marissa architected a significant work-life reinvention and renegotiated all significant personal and professional relationships.

Never again would work come before her values, the quality of her marriage, or her own wellness.

The universe had a surprise in store: a pregnancy, a global pandemic, and an overnight shift toward remote work.

As Marissa navigated the working world as an entrepreneurial integrator, both prepartum and postpartum, she experienced firsthand the minefield of challenges and questions that modern parents face daily:

  • Can working moms "have it all" – an impactful career, an amazing marriage, a connected parenting relationship, vibrant health, a regulated nervous system, and a lifestyle filled with fulfillment and freedom?
  • Can you build a "work scope" that's fully optimized to create abundance in all areas of your life, with integrity?
  • What's the ideal "business model" for two stay-at-home parents?

She now navigates these questions through personal experiments in work-life alignment, tapping into her 15+ years of firsthand research in high performance, time management, and energy management.

Her current professional focus is optimizing businesses that are using exponential technologies like AI, blockchain, and mixed reality to dramatically improve how we work, play, and live.

Marissa is a passionate mentor and business advisor. She especially loves helping ambitious, entrepreneurial talent forge their unique path to impact and simplify the complexity of modern life.