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Get back 250+ hours a year, simplify your life, and reduce stress by leveraging the full potential of AI at work and home.

  • AI WORKFLOWS: Receive proven, time-saving workflows for your professional and personal life, complete with step-by-step-instructions and demo videos.
  • RESOURCE LIBRARY: Gain exclusive access to a growing library of AI tool demonstrations and workflow videos, each curated to save you at least 250 hours per year.
  • WEEKLY COACHING: Engage in interactive, expert-led sessions with Marissa Brassfield and get personalized guidance on implementing AI for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • PRACTICAL SUPPORT: Get feedback and advice on how to use AI to save time and improve results in real-life projects, processes, and initiatives.
  • PRIVATE SLACK: Connect, share, and learn from peers in a supportive, collaborative, dynamic environment.
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