Hey there, Coefficients!

One of my mentors once told me, "Little hinges swing big doors."

In other words, small actions can have enormous results.

Today's issue is all about reinventing how your work and life fit together, inspired by the perspectives I've used for 15+ years designing elegant ecosystems and business models for other entrepreneurs.

There's also an opportunity for us to collaborate, if you're game.

Marissa 💃🏽

⌛️ Optimize Your Time

Earlier this week, I posted the tweet above.

In the hours that followed, I bounced between text, Signal, WhatsApp, and Twitter, exchanging ideas with friends and past colleagues who saw the tweet and expressed frustration with their own work/life balance.

There's some serious potential energy in my ecosystem right now... which is the exact kind of creative fuel my brain loves.


Take some quiet time for deep thinking and reflection on your business model. More specifically:

  • Reflect on your work/life alignment through the lens of a business strategist. What's working? What isn't working? Why?
  • How can you renegotiate or restructure your current working situation so that it's more supportive to your ideal lifestyle?
  • Is there a better business model for the kind of results you provide?
  • Which individuals are living a lifestyle similar to the one you'd like to live, especially as it relates to their work structure?


At this moment, there's a nonzero probability that you are (or will soon be) affected by one or more of the following:

  • layoffs, pulled term sheets, scope/payment adjustments
  • inflation, the wage gap, and rising interest rates
  • stock market crashes, crypto market crashes, or NFT rugpulls

Any one of these factors will influence your mindset, your ambition, and even the choices you make. This is not the time to give up.

We can't predict the future, but we can respond to the present.

We can start building the future we want right now.

And moving forward -- even with baby steps -- feels so much better than remaining stuck or falling behind.

What I’m Learning

  • Agility and adaptation are essential, especially in times of constant, massive change.
  • We're transitioning from a "doing" economy to a "creating" economy, where knowledge of your gifts is more essential than ever.
  • Very few people are accustomed to hearing someone's dream lifestyle with a "yes, and" mindset of unlimited possibility.
  • It's rare to meet or work with someone who can help clarify your unique truth and compassionately challenge you to show up fully unapologetically as yourself. (Sending love to my friend, mentor, and co-conspirator, Gordy Bal, who has been supporting me in this regard.)

Is Your Work Supporting Your Dream Lifestyle?

  • If it is... would you like to find new points of leverage?
  • If it isn't... would you like help finding a better way?

We're living in challenging times, with no end in sight. Right now is the best time to invest in yourself and your bigger future.

If you're interested in optimizing what you do with your life and your time, I'd love to partner with you to help figure it out and get started.

I'm assembling a small group of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and ambitious leaders for four 60-min workshops, starting one week from today.

Before our first session, I'll send over a few questions so I can get up to speed on your current situation... plus codes to take some of my go-to personality and conative assessments.

In our working sessions, you'll get clarity on how to apply your gifts, your values, and your expertise into a unique business model that supports your ideal lifestyle.

We'll develop a road map to start implementing it (right down to weekly and monthly milestones), and I'll curate resources, connections, and the best tools so you are fully set up for success.

Here's what we'll cover each week:

1️⃣ Lifestyle Design: Mapping your ideal life, including how you spend your time, your financial resources, your bigger purpose and impact, your relationships, your core values, and your "never again" experiences and situations you want to permanently avoid.

2️⃣ Gifts, Gaps & Growth: Organizing how your skills, talents, and desires can flow into a holistic business model that also supports your personal lifestyle goals.

3️⃣ Optimization & Leverage: Pinpointing the most important elements, connections, and make-or-break details in your business model -- and curating recommended tools and connections for additional support.

4️⃣ Your "Make It Real" Road Map: We'll set up a 12-week plan to launch "You 2.0," plus recommended tweaks to your specific daily/weekly routine so you can protect time to make this happen even if you're already busy and overscheduled.

Are you in? Click here to learn more and get started.

(And if this is a "Shut up and take my money" moment, dance directly to the checkout page here.)

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