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Each week of 2017, we'll be sending a note from Marissa Brassfield (Founder and CEO of Ridiculously Efficient, Inc.). Each note will feature a new productivity tip -- something you can implement into your life immediately and without hassle.

With each note comes the notion that you can Do One Thing Well. Master that one, simple thing to get big results. You'll quickly notice these minor habit and routine changes will give you more control and allow for your productivity levels to soar!

If you have any questions about these notes, simply hit 'reply' to these emails. We'd love to hear how these tips are working for you!

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Note #1: Schedule Meetings With Yourself

To Do: Schedule a Meeting With Yourself

Block 60 minutes of protected tim this week in your calendar.

Use it for:

  • catching up on work
  • creativity and brainstorming
  • reading/meditating
  • exercise
  • a mani-pedi
  • whatever recharges you

Busy this week? Schedule two 60-min meetings.

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