We’re living in unprecedented times and facing new challenges as individuals and in organizations. Ridiculously Efficient® helps teams unlock sustainable high performance without compromising their quality of life, drawing on a curated mix of personal and professional development techniques.

Founder Marissa Brassfield tailors each workshop to the audience's unique challenges and organizational culture. Click each of the titles below to explore content and themes from previous workshops.

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Leading With Empathy

Within our workplace, our communities, and our homes, we are more emotionally exhausted and distracted than ever before. This custom training features practical, tactful ways to bring love and compassion into professional settings to improve individual and team productivity, morale, and psychological safety. 

Attendees will emerge feeling prepared and empowered to lead positive change in their teams, families, and communities.

Total Person Wellness

Marissa’s most requested topic in 2022 features a holistic approach to work-life integration and alignment. In this custom training, Marissa guides participants through a personal audit of eight areas of wellness, sharing tools, techniques, and practices distilled over 15 years of experimentation and research. 

Attendees leave with actionable strategies, commitments, and routine modifications to improve their wellness, resilience, and long-term productivity.

Time Management Masterclass

In this tactical, strategy-packed session, Marissa shares next-level practices for those juggling multiple projects, competing deadlines, and busy personal and professional lives (which is all of us).

Attendees leave with tools and knowledge to prioritize, backlog, and organize their activities so nothing falls through the cracks.

Motivation & Morale Mastery

In a hybrid or remote work environment, individuals must be their own efficiency managers, taskmasters, and cheering section. This mindset-focused masterclass teaches proven leadership principles through a very personal lens, with Marissa’s signature focus on routines and daily practices to enable sustainable high performance. 

Attendees leave feeling grounded, inspired, and connected to their own intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Supercharged Support In Extraordinary Times

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