Scheduling a meeting involves a lot more than inputting a time and date in your calendar. It often includes a lot of back and forth between attendees to try and find the best time and day to hold said meeting. That's a lot of clutter in your inbox and not necessarily the most efficient use of your time.

That's where Amy comes in.

Amy is an online tool (no app needed, just a quick sign-up), that does all your meeting scheduling for you. When you receive a meeting request that is going to require a bit of back-and-forth to get scheduled, you simply reply, cc-ing amy@x-ai. Amy will take over the emailing to find the best time, day and location for both parties. Then a meeting invite, with all the details settled, will appear in your inbox.

Photo credit: x.ai
Photo credit: x.ai

"Your AI powered personal assistant for scheduling meetings," x.ai's website reads. "You interact with me as you would to any other person – and I’ll do all the tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting."

And that's it. Meetings scheduled, none of the hassle. That sounds pretty good to me.

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