Hello, my name is Rosemina and I am a tab hoarder. A serious tab hoarder. I currently have 11 separate windows open with multiple tabs open in each one -- I have a problem and my laptop speed and overall productivity has been paying for it.

Or at least it used to until Ridiculously Efficient's Founder/CEO, Marissa, told me about The Great Suspender and other extensions like it that will suspend your tab once it's been idle for a while and reload when needed. This stops pages from loading and reloading, taking up all the resources that help make your computer fast and run smoothly.

My new tabs (which I still never seem to close) are loading quickly and I can get to my idle tabs efficiently by simply clicking "reload." The Great Suspender also gives you the option to whitelist URLs, which could come in handy for those of us who incessantly check Facebook (I see you out there, but that support group meets on a different day).

The Great Suspender isn't the only extension of its kind -- it just happens to be the one I clicked on first. Tab Suspender is another great option. Both are only available for Chrome. If you are a Safari user, check out The Suspender, and Firefox users can use Tab Suspender (Tab Unloader).

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