Comunitee is a social network that blends features from StumbleUpon, Google+, Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter and Digg to simplify news discovery. New users pick topic areas of interest, akin to StumbleUpon, and Comunitee will gradually learn your reading preferences and display content accordingly.

Taking a page from the Circles feature in Google+, you can also organize friends from other social networks into comunitees (the term fuses "community" and "committee") and allow certain comunitees to curate news in a particular category. For example, you could organize your Apple-loving friends into a comunitee and have them curate the news for your Apple section.

"Our goal with Comunitee is to make consuming personalized/social news as simple as possible," Don Daszkowski, the CEO of Comunitee, told ReadWriteWeb. "Every time we think about incorporating a new feature, we ask ourselves if it fits our model, which is 'users are expected to read news and invite friends.' We want to make the user experience as easy as possible."

Will Comunitee become your next social network of choice?

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