efficient kredentials

Kred is a new tool to measure Twitter influence in a far more transparent way than rival Klout. I learned about Kred last night after reading this Mashable post on the startup, and it looks promising. For starters, Kred uses a points system to tabulate its influence scores, and the tool shows a full breakdown of your Twitter activity and the points each action earns -- a feature Klout keeps secret.

Kred badges display two scores: the Influence score, which is out of 1,000, and the Outreach Level, which is out of 10. Raise your Outreach level by following Twitter users or lists, retweeting others or sending @replies. Your Influence score grows when users in your social graph follow you, retweet your posts or @reply you. Simple enough, right?

Another fun Kred feature is the ability to upload evidence of offline Kred, such as charity work, sports participation, degrees, memberships, ceremonies and even frequent flyer medals.

kred dashboard
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