The top question I get is: What is Ridiculously Efficient, anyway?

Here’s my take.

What is Ridiculously Efficient?

I started using “ridiculously efficient” in my personal branding around 2012, and trademarked it and formally incorporated Ridiculously Efficient Inc. in 2013. My exact definition of this term has changed slightly over the years.

Ridiculously Efficient is a mindset, an ethos, and an operating system to make the most out of every moment.

It’s about productivity: increasing the value of your time and the impact of the results you create, without overwhelm, burnout, or workaholism.

It’s about boundaries: proactively managing your energy, motivation, and confidence with minimal intrusion and hassle.

It’s about joy: celebrating progress, honoring lessons learned the hard way, and gratitude for the everyday experiences that make us.

It’s about momentum: achieving goals, expanding your unique skills, overcoming challenges, and sharpening your real-world resilience.

It’s about abundance: of time, of money, of impact and purpose, and of connected relationships.

Ultimately, Ridiculously Efficient is a lifestyle of personal excellence.

Here’s to the Coefficients

One of my mentees, Maame Ekua Manful, coined a collective noun for the high performers in my ecosystem: coefficients.

It’s a perfect term. A coefficient is a multiplier. And what’s more ridiculously efficient than someone who can generate 2x-10x better, bigger results than their peers?

If you’re a coefficient, I’ve launched a weekly private newsletter specifically for you. It includes actionable wisdom, proven strategies, and REAL perspectives to support your mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being.

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