Home offices are often lacking in physical spaces. Sometimes, you might even find yourself building your workspace in that nook in the kitchen or in that extra space behind the couch. Whatever the situation, floor space is often a commodity for telecommuters. So, when I see a piece of furniture that is functional, looks great, and doesn't take up too much room, I just have to share!

The Köllen Bookshelf was designed by a group of students from Barcelona. The modular design means that each piece of this bookshelf can be placed in which ever way best suits your needs -- depending on if you are using it for actual books, potted plants or hooks for bags and coats. And, it's all wall-mounted, which means the storage area doesn't require any floor space.

The shelves are made with natural Finn birch plywood, and can support up to 30 kg. Köllen comes in four different colour options -- natural wood, light pink, teal, and grey.

The company recently ran a Kickstarter campaign and was able to raise almost $18,000. The campaign ended earlier this month, and it doesn't seem as though they are currently taking orders. However, they have an expected delivery date of January 2017, so hopefully the shop will be open again it the new year.

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