There's nothing quite like a hangover to destroy your productivity. My body absolutely hates alcohol, and the following day is always a rough one -- and definitely not productive at all. A recent study actually found that most of our hangover cures -- food and water -- are totally ineffective.

Researchers in Canada and the Netherlands surveyed nearly 1,600 students about their drinking habits and resulting hangovers. More than half citied eating a meal to cure their hangovers, and two-thirds hydrated with water. However, the researchers found that neither approach actually worked.

“Drinking water may help against thirst and a dry mouth, but it will not take away the misery, the headache and the nausea,” said lead researcher Dr Joris Verster, from Utrecht University.

So how should you cure a hangover? Us REBELs have a few theories of our own. From extra sleep, a little fresh air and a some help in the form of tablets, we each have our own hangover cures that seem to help our bodies recover after a bit of binge drinking. Check our our tips below!

Marissa Brassfield, Founder & CEO

Before I go to bed, I take some activated charcoal capsules and chug a big glass of water (lately, I've even been taking the activated charcoal before I go out, and then again before bed). In the morning, I take some milk thistle and a Blowfish until I'm stable enough to get a nice hangover breakfast.

Billy Murray, Art Director

Hangovers destroy me. I hate them and mine will literally last 12-24 hours sometimes.

Excedrin Migraine and Venti Iced Green Tea, sweetened. I'll munch on a handful of Tums to settle my stomach but I mostly just need to sleep it off.

Rosemina Nazarali, Director of Editorial Content

My hangovers can last up to two days now (getting older sucks!), so I usually just need to sleep it off, hydrate and nourish my body. I find orange juice helps quite a bit, a long with a lot of water. There's usually a window of opportunity for me to eat a nice big breakfast -- if I miss it, the nausea will kick in pretty hard. I don't sleep well after a night of drinking, so I usually have to take a nice long nap after breakfast or early in the afternoon when my body starts to feel a bit more settled. Going outside and getting fresh air always helps, but I am usually just too tired to attempt it.

Kelley Lujan, Director of Marketing

Pedialyte, a piece of dry toast, sleep, and fresh air.

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