I struggle with the start of the day and am always looking for ways to make my mornings just a tiny bit easier, better and more fun. I stumbled across a recent article by Jeff Haden for Inc. where he points out a very simple way to avoid procrastination at the start of your workday.

“Always end each day by leaving yourself a fun place to start tomorrow.”

You’ll be so psyched to get started again, that you’ll be more likely to want to get started instead of indulging in a few distractions first. Plus, starting your day with that excitement and enthusiasm can have a trickle effect into the rest of your day.

If you stop when you've crossed the finish line on a task or project, it becomes hard to move on to the next thing, even if it is the next day. This does seem contradictory -- procrastinate on the fun task until the next day to avoid procrastinating. But if it’s timed right, it will help to alleviate those morning blues when you get to your laptop and find yourself scrolling Facebook long before you actually start working.

“Whenever possible, try to stop when you're almost dying to keep going,” Haden writes. “Then you ensure that tomorrow you will keep going. The enthusiasm and excitement you bring to the start of your day and the satisfaction of finishing something rewarding, exciting, and fun will launch you into yet another incredibly productive day.”

The idea is so simple, it might just work!

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