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Becoming productive is basically impossible if you can't get control of your laziness. When something seems like it will just take too much effort, you'd much rather be sitting on the couch catching up on your favorite show. It's okay to have lazy days, but these days can snowball until you've procrastinated so much that your to-d0 list is several pages long. Below are five ways you can conquer your laziness to become more productive.

1. Break Up Your Tasks

The very idea of beginning a larger task can be scary, making you cower to your default lazy ways. But these tasks are often not as daunting as they seem. Break them down into parts, including everything it will take to complete this task from beginning to end. Tackle the task one stage at a time, and take breaks in between.

2. Be Accountable

It's easy to let laziness take over, unless you have someone holding you accountable. Choose someone from your team that can help keep you motivated to get your work done. This person can help keep you accountable for the work you need to produce every week. Make them check-in with you at the beginning and end of every week to make sure you are on track with your goals. Think of this person as a gym buddy of sorts -- someone to keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going.

3. Outsource

Analyze your work and decide if there are tasks that are simply not worth your time. Are they taking up more time than they should? Do you tend to procrastinate on these tasks? If so, you should outsource them. Outsource these tasks to an intern, assistant, or even a colleague who enjoys doing such tasks. This will open up more time for you to spend on the work you actually enjoy.

4. Automate As Much As Possible

For people who are lazy, things need to be made as easy as possible. Use apps that will help organize your life, keep you on top of things, and do some of the work for you. Aspects of your life like budgeting, networking, and scheduling can be all be automated, so you have one less reason to be lazy.

5. Have a Cheat Day

Like breaking any bad habit, once in a while you need a cheat day. After completing a major project or any other accomplishment, celebrate with a lazy day. Go to the spa, hang out with friends, or even spend your day watching an entire season of an obscure television show on Netflix. You deserve it!

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