Jumping on a video call is not always as easy as it sounds. If you’ve ever streamed yourself live, you know that there’s quite a bit to take into consideration when firing up your feed. When it is your brand that is on display, it’s not always as simple as making sure the light is green and your audio is on. Whether it’s a Skype date with your boo or a million dollar web deal, it is critical to keep these ridiculously efficient tips in mind to keep your brand’s image on point.

1. Fire It Up Beforehand

Making Skype calls or using web conferencing software is often a multi-step process and can sometimes take quite a few minutes to make sure your end is working properly. Give yourself anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to open up your software before the start of your appointment. Make sure that you are registered accordingly and able to login successfully. Once you are logged in, be sure to test your video and audio to avoid having to troubleshoot once you are connected with your virtual participant.

2. Camera-Ready Realness

You are the face of your personal brand. Are you “on-brand” with your hair a mess and still wearing yesterday’s spelt-in makeup? I hope not! When it’s time to go on camera, it’s time to glam your personal brand.

Apply your makeup, do your hair, and dress yourself appropriately for your brand. This step is as simple as that.

3. Set The Scene

Often times our web conferences happen from the privacy of our own home. But when we are Skyping live from the living room, the “privacy” of our own home does not really apply. Be sure you are shooting from a location that represents you and your brand in the most authentic way achievable.

Make sure the area you are presenting yourself is effectively well lit, and clean of clutter or unnecessary miscellaneous items. Avoid sitting with a sunny window behind you. Instead, face the window and utilize the natural light to help the quality of your image.

4. Audio Courtesy

Don’t be that guy that everyone has puts on mute for annoying audio feedback. Before going live on your call, close all windows and doors surrounding you. Also shut off any fans or air conditioners that may be blowing air around your microphone. Finally, do not sit either too far, or too close to your microphone. Typically, speaking at a normal volume is recommended for best results, but it is always a good idea to ask the folks on the other end if they can hear you okay. Make any necessary adjustments based on their response.

5. Green is On, You are On

When on a web conference that’s running on the longer side, it is easy to forget that we are being watched at all times. It is a good idea to never minimize your webcam display so that you are constantly reminded that you are being seen. The list of embarrassing scenarios that could happen when you forget you’re being watched is endless, so don’t lose sight of that green light!

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