Wherever you work, noise will find its way into your space and distract you from your work. At home, it might be the neighbour's construction crew or the kids playing outside. In an office, it might be coworkers' discussions or the numerous other sounds that can distract from work. RE's CEO Marissa Brassfield, recently revealed how she protects herself against these unwanted audible assaults. Whether you telecommute or work in a traditional office setting, pink and white noise can come to your rescue.

"If your noise is other people talking, maybe you're in an open office or another environment where you're always hearing people talk, I have found pink noise to be the most effective at cutting down on the distraction from other people's conversations," Marissa says.

Both pink and white noise are ambient sounds. White noise contains many frequencies of sound, all of equal intensities. Many find white noise relaxing and some even use it to help them sleep. Pink noise has lower frequency components than white noise, and is made up of seemingly random sounds that have equal octave levels. This is more typically used for audio testing and to mimic background noise.

Learn more about how to protect yourself against audible assaults in the video below.

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