If you've got a business, chances are you have a Facebook Page and all of the other "required" social media platforms. But just because your business has them, doesn't mean you'll have followers.

Along the way, you'll find that you'll need to shell out a couple of bucks here and there to help boost your posts so they can be seen by more people. To gain a substantial social media presence, it will require you to post often, but if it's too often, the abundance of posts will become annoying to your followers.

An important step to posting successful content is to review and analyze the data provided by Facebook. This data will tell you how your previous ads performed, which you can use to better your posts in the future.

Even after you've done allllll that AND paid for the ads, it can be extremely discouraging when your metrics are still coming up low. Next time you're about to build your next Facebook Ad campaign, consider these six tips to help increase your post's potential.

1. Limit Your Target To "Mobile Only."

More and more people are using Facebook on their mobile device than they are on desktop computers. By limiting your target to reach only mobile users, you can reach more potential customers.

When it comes time to analyze your data, it is important to remember to manage your mobile only ad campaigns separately than a typical ad.

2. Download the Facebook Ads Manager App

Yes, it is really annoying to have to download an app and take up space on your phone. However, if you are serious about making your Facebook advertising successful, it might be a good idea to download this app.

With the Facebook Ad Manager app, you can effectively monitor your ads and achieve organic growth from your posts. You have the ability to compare campaigns to view key metrics side by side and track how you're doing with weekly updates, and you can even duplicate campaigns to reach your audience.

3. Retarget Past Posts

So you designed some beautiful ads and then your data shows that they barely reached anyone. #WTF?! Maybe it wasn't the ad itself? What if it was the audience that you targeted?

It can be easy to just blame Facebook for the poor performance of your ad, or you can do a little homework and turn that assignment back in to be regraded.

4. Try Something New

Social media is always on the hunt for the next newest trend. What better way to promote your business than with starting your own social media trend?

Use your Facebook Page to experiment with posts and learn what works and what does not. So long as your experiments are on brand, it doesn't matter if it gets deleted later.

5. Switch Up Your Creativity

Your followers will eventually get bored if your social media content becomes too predictable. To keep your Facebook Page looking fresh, rotate your creative design every once in awhile.

6. Promote Organic Posts

Don't waste your money boosting posts that are scheduled to go live automatically. Yeah, it may be easy to schedule out posts, but if you're going to spend money, save it for a time when you're posting organically, as these are the types of posts that reach more people. Organic posts are written and posted in real time as opposed to scheduled and published atomically.

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