We've been using the same workstation for ages, but the way we work has changed pretty dramatically. Altwork wants to bring our workstations to the 21st century by making them customizable and suitable for laptop use.

Aptly called the 'Station', Altwork has designed a workspace for any mood - it can transform into any position, whether you want to sit, stand or recline. The chair looks similar to what you'd find in a dentist's office, with a bottom portion that allows your legs to hang freely or get supported. The desk portion swings to and from the chair and easily raises and lowers, depending on if you are sitting or standing.

When in a recline position, the entire workstation tilts and moves with the seat to ensure your view and posture remains the same. The desk itself has magnets embedded to ensure that gravity doesn't get the best of your keyboard or mouse, regardless of your chosen position.

However, all those perks come with a few downsides. The Station weighs 210 pounds, making it difficult to get in and out of offices. It does come with wheels, but with that much bulk, the wheels probably won't do much if you are moving it more than a few feet.

The Altwork Station is now available for $3,900.

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