Gordon Ramsay is a very busy guy. His empire includes restaurants throughout Europe and North America, several TV series, his own production company, and a few books thrown in just for fun. Currently, the famed chef is in Los Angeles working on the next season of MasterChef, while his family continues to live in London.

During a recent Reddit AMA, readers got a peek inside the Gordon Ramsay daily routine:

  • Start the day at 5 am
  • Work out
  • Eat breakfast (which is usually plain oatmeal)
  • Deal with matters relating to his American businesses
  • Work on MasterChef until 9 or 10 pm
  • Eat
  • At midnight, Ramsay calls his family to talk to his kids before they go to school
  • Check-in with business matters in London
  • Sleep at 2 am

How many hours does Gordon Ramsay sleep? THREE.

Three hours of sleep sounds unbearable. Ramsay says having several projects going at once keeps him energized. But his real secret to sustaining such a crazy schedule is making sure to take his weekends off. He spends that time traveling with his family, ensuring he gets the rest he needs.

What does Gordon Ramsay do in his free time?

"My flagship restaurant in Chelsea has never been open on a Saturday and Sunday — it's never been open on a weekend, because I thought if we're going to do this, I'd like to do this properly, so my staff needs time off," he wrote. "So I work hard, but I give myself time off on the weekend. I cut it off, and power down for 48 hours."

The key here is balance, as unbalanced as Ramsay's schedule might seem. He works extra hard five days a week so he gets a full 48 hours to relax and recharge. By the time Monday morning rolls around, he's ready to tackle his week and his insane schedule.

H/T Business Insider

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