Moving away from the traditional 8-hour workday is one of the biggest attractions of flexible and remote work. Sweden conducted experiments with a 6-hour workday in 2014, and this study found that creative and knowledge workers can benefit from a shorter workday. Amazon is conducting a similar experiment of their own by selecting a group of part-time employees to work 30-hour weeks.

This group of about a dozen employees will take a pay cut -- they will only receive 75% of their regular salaries, but will continue to receive full benefits.

Treehouse, a technology education company, reduced their workweeks to 32 hours in 2006, which has resulted in happier and more productive workers. Even billionaire Carlos Slim suggests 4-day weekends, saying people need more time for relaxation and entertainment.

With a retail giant like Amazon testing a 30-hour workweek, other companies are sure to follow suit -- especially if the experiment goes the way they hope.

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