Angry Productive Birds App
Angry Productive Birds App

I've written about the old adage that you cannot improve what you cannot measure, and the Angry Productive Birds app helps you visualize how your time is spent on projects and other work. Michal Migurski is the creative mind behind the app, which essentially turns time-tracking sheets into a graph with icons inspired by Angry Birds.

To use the Angry Productive Birds app, Migurski's team at Stamen records the time they spend on projects, business development and other work-related activities. The app transforms this data into a graph, with the following guidelines:

1. The object of the game is to hit the pig with the bird. 2. Bird over the pig means the project is at risk of losing money. 3. Bird past the pig means it's at risk of being late.

Each week, the graphs get printed out and posted to keep the team apprised of each other's progress in various projects. Check out sample graphs from past projects below, and see the app's files at GitHub.

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