balance stool

balance stool

Most office jobs mean sitting down for a large portion of the day, and we all know that this inevitable sedentary lifestyle is slowly ruining our bodies. There are many ways you can fit some activity into the day, like a lunch-hour workout or swapping your desk chair for an exercise ball. Another great alternative is the Balance Stool, a wobbly seat that forces you to work your core as you type away at your computer.

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Designer Darryl Agawin insists the chair is comfortable, despite your inability to slump your shoulders and back Plus, it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing than an exercise ball.

The seat of the stool is balanced on a half-sphere, which keeps you in constant motion.

"When you sit on it, you're immediately thrown off balance—though not so much that you'll fall off the chair," Agawin told Fast Company. "As people approach it for the first time, they're a little cautious about how they sit on it. When they sit on it, for a second they're like, 'Whoa.' And then they find their balance. In less than a minute, they're like, 'This is really great.' It actually becomes quite comfortable almost immediately."

Agawin explains that it is basically impossible to sit on the chair with bad posture. While sitting on the stool, you would have to have both feet planted on the floor with your back straight. "Otherwise, it accentuates your slouch so much that you can't sit on it. The moment that you slouch, you sort of get thrown off balance."

The top of the stool comes off and doubles as a balance board for when you need a break.

Unfortunately, the Balance Stool isn't available just yet. Agawin is currently working to decrease production costs and is hoping to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon.

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