Technology has taken over our lives, to the point that many of us are looking for create tech-free spaces in our homes. Our phones, tablets and even laptops are often part of our nighttime routines, as they also become our alarm clocks, books and televisions. But, some are looking to rid their bedrooms of these devices altogether.

A survey from Houzz found that only 19% of homeowners that are renovating and 6% that are redecorating are planning to add or replace electronics in the bedroom. Another 10% wants to completely rid their bedrooms of any media and electronics. More than half agree that the bedroom should be "sanctuary-like."

A large majority of respondents (77%) want a bedroom to function as a "calming" space, while 24% want the bedroom to serve as a space for reading in addition to sleeping. Only 15% want to turn their bedrooms into a home theater.

The problem with having electronics in the bedroom is that it hinders our sleep patterns. Many of us spend large amounts of time in front of screens, whether it's working on a laptop, playing video games in front of a TV or answering emails on your smartphone. We all need a break from screens to allow our eyes and minds to relax and reset for the next day.

Most of our screens emit a blue light, which actually boosts energy, attention and focus. It suppresses the natural secretion of melatonin, a hormone which helps to regulate sleep. That means that all those screens you have on at night when you're body should be relaxing and preparing for sleep are actually tricking your body into feeling alert.

The next time you're redecorating your bedroom, rethink that flat-screen TV you have mounted on the wall. You'll probably feel much more rested without it.

H/T Digital Trends

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