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Bitwalking believes everyone should be able to earn an income in some fashion. What if you could earn an income simply by walking? With the new app, Bitwalking, you can!

Bitwalking gives people the freedom and ability to make money as a way of incentivizing people to stay fit. The app converts the number of steps you make into a digital currency called Bitwalking dollars, which can be spent in an online store or converted into actual dollars. While there is no official exchange rate, that app is currently working on a conversion mechanism.

The cool part about the app is that a step is a step no matter who you are or where you live in the world. Currently 10,000 steps count as 1 bitwalking dollar. This could be a game changer for people who live in developing countries and have to walk virtually everywhere and do not have the luxury of hopping in a car or on a train to get somewhere.

Not can this help alleviate some poverty in developing countries, but it is a way to incentivize people to get up and walk around. For a lot of people, exercising to stay in shape or lose weight is not incentive enough. But, if you could make a few extra dollars to help you get that special something that you have been saving for, it might be worth your while. Bitwalking dollars don’t expire; so the more you walk the more you save. It’s like Uber, but instead of driving someone else to receive some extra money, you walk.

The app is currently available by invite only. Join me in giving it a try by requesting an invite here.

H/T Digital Trends

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