breaking bad

If you've watched AMC's hit drama "Breaking Bad," then you've witnessed Walter White's ever-expanding business knowledge over the past four seasons. While White's certainly not in the line of work any of us would ever choose to venture into, we thought we'd have some fun as the fifth and final season is just underway. Here are some hands-on lessons derived from the show that can be applied to legitimate companies.

  • Being indispensable in the workplace can ensure you job stability, but it's just one of seven all-important career lessons you can learn from Walter White. [Forbes]
  • If your finances are in disarray, then your company is like a drowning swimmer clinging to a faulty life preserver. Here are seven financial choices from "Breaking Bad" to avoid. [Bankrate]
  • At this very moment there is a battle being waged between satellite provider DISH Networks and television network AMC, home to "Breaking Bad." So what card does a company pull in the middle of such a major, public dispute? How about one that could cost the other side a great deal of their customer base? [New York Times]
  • Think outside the box and you just might find an entrepreneurial endeavor that takes you to an unexpected place. In this case, a trolley service is banking on the appeal of "Breaking Bad" to cash in on a sightseeing tour. [The Washington Post]
  • When your customers fall in love with your product, everybody wins. A television show like "Breaking Bad" doesn't become a critical and ratings sensation automatically. It takes a powerfully positive word-of-mouth campaign to achieve epic levels of success. [Oregon Live]
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