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There are three parts of the mind: cognitive, conative, and affective. The cognitive part of your mind does the majority of the thinking, which includes your knowledge, reason, skills, experience, education, and IQ. Although all three parts of the mind are used in the process of decision-making, according to Business Insider, there are 20 cognitive biases that can have a negative impact on your decision-making.

Infographic of 20 cognitive biases affecting decisions, including anchoring, availability, and confirmation biases.

Do you notice a pattern of any of these biases showing up in your day to day decision making? If not, after reading this, I’m sure you will start noticing more of these biases showing up in your own decision-making and in that of those around you. So the next time you walk into a negotiation or a big meeting, remember these biases and try to correct them so the best overall decision and outcome can be achieved.

H/T Lifehacker

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