Welcome to this week's Creative Intelligence report.

In today's report, I share the AI signals I'm tracking this week, plus a personal case study on how I'm using AI every workday while managing the very real side effects of addictive technology.

🧭 Wayfinding

Here are the top headlines and themes I'm tracking this week. Consider this intel as you craft your AI strategy.

1️⃣ AI systems are entering new spaces, giving us superhuman tools and capabilities. How can we use them for good?  

🎮 Generative World-Building

  • What's Happening: Microsoft is testing a natural language interface for Minecraft that allows gamers to tell the game what they want to build. Roblox also announced its upcoming suite of generative AI tools and APIs specifically for its platform, enabling users to generate integrated 3D objects with appropriate behavior. For example, the prompt "a red two-seater convertible sports car with front-wheel drive" would generate a red sports car that drives as expected in Roblox's virtual 3D world. [Semafor, Roblox]
  • Marissa's Take: Generative AI is enabling all of us to become builders. Soon, we'll be able to speak our intended outcome and rely less on promptcraft. Start practicing how you describe things and how you articulate your vision. Those who currently earn revenue by developing content and experiences on Roblox and Minecraft will soon have even more powerful capabilities to build immersive, innovative, and truly unique spaces.

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