Welcome to the latest Creative Intelligence briefing.

Today, I share the earliest signals of a world where ubiquitous deepfakes make it nearly impossible to trust what we see online at face value.

🧭 Wayfinding

Here are the top headlines and themes I'm tracking this week. Consider this intel as you craft your personal AI strategy.

1️⃣ The convergence of synthetic audio, images, and video make it easy to bring your vision to life – whether it's magificent or manipulative. It's time to cultivate a deeper relationship with your discernment and internal BS detector.

🕵🏽‍♀️ Rewriting History

What's Happening:

  • Users on the Midjourney subreddit have begun sharing AI-generated paparazzi-style photos of famous figures doing interesting things, including presidents posing with alien leaders, fake news footage of earthquake photos, the Pope wearing a puffer jacket, behind-the-scenes photos of the Moon landing set, and Elon Musk dating everyone. [Source]

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