Mornings set the tone for your whole day. An intentional morning routine energizes you and puts you in a peak state for taking on whatever comes your way.

It’s easy to let mornings become a frenzied rush of managing logistics and getting everyone out the door to school or work on time. But what if you took a step back and co-designed a morning routine to optimize joy, ease and alignment?

Your whole family can benefit from starting the day calmly and positively together, rather than stressed and scattered.

Here is a simple framework for creating an uplifting morning routine:

1. Envision Your Ideal Morning

Gather any family members who are involved in the morning shuffle.


  • What energizes each of you? Reading, stretching, walking the dog?
  • What nourishes you? Cuddling, listening to music, meditating?
  • What do you need in the morning to feel loved, appreciated and ready for the day ahead?

Have everyone share their ideal morning activities. Even young kids have fun with this exercise! Write down all ideas without judgment so everyone feels included.

2. Look For Overlap

Review the wish list and highlight areas of overlap. Where do family members’ desired morning activities align?

These are activities you’ll want to prioritize including in your routine. Other items can be worked in as time allows.

3. Schedule Sequence

Map out a sequence of morning activities that maximizes energy and efficiency. Order activities based on:

  • Dependencies (Ex: breakfast before brushing teeth)
  • Energy level needed (Ex: exercise before shower & dressing)
  • Time required

Leave gaps for flexibility but design an intentional flow.

4. Test it Out

Try out your new morning routine for a week. Tweak as needed until you find a sequence that delights everyone.

Be open to refreshing it again down the road as needs and contexts evolve.

The Benefits of an Intentional Morning Routine

Taking time to consciously design your mornings rather than just survive them is worth the effort. An energizing routine sets you up to thrive.

Benefits include:

  • Starting your day feeling relaxed and uplifted
  • More quality time enjoying each other’s company
  • Reduced morning chaos and stress
  • Increased focus and sense of purpose
  • More consistency, even when waking up or traveling in different time zones

I recently led a workshop for a tech startup on integrating mindfulness and efficiency. We explored how to design mornings that elevate both individuals and teams.

(My private team workshops help high-performing leaders create uplifting routines. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more strategies like these.)

Want to Save Time With AI?

I acknowledge that with everyone's busy lives, the above process may not be easy or accessible.

If you're curious about how AI could help automate parts of designing your ideal morning routine, check out my Master Your Mornings Masterclass.

This step-by-step prompting framework shows you a low-risk way to experiment with AI. In just 15 minutes, you can create a customized morning routine that saves you 1+ hour a day, every day. That's 250+ hours a year!

In this Masterclass, I provide a walkthrough video with a cut-and-paste prompt framework that you can input into ChatGPT and get going in minutes.

Empower Your Mornings

Don’t let mornings be an afterthought. Treat them as an opportunity to consciously set your days up for success.

Use the tips above to build a personalized morning flow that energizes your whole family. You’ll be amazed by the positive ripple effects throughout your days and lives.

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