Does crafting professional emails take up more time in your day than you’d like? Do you spend way too long trying to perfect every sentence before sending responses? You’re not alone.

Many professionals agonize over email, wanting to sound polite, intelligent, and compelling. The result is hours lost every week on drafting, editing, and obsessing over messages.

What if you could rapidly generate email drafts in just 1-3 minutes instead? That would enable you to respond faster and achieve inbox zero every day.

The good news is new AI writing tools allow you to do exactly that. Instead of slaving away on each email, you can now create intelligent drafts with just a few notes.

Here are 3 options for supercharging your email efficiency with AI:


Superhuman is a premium email service that includes features like automated reminders, read receipts, and templates. Most powerfully, it lets you instantly generate well-formed email drafts using AI.

Just type a quick overview of the key points and desired tone. Superhuman AI will take care of crafting complete, coherent sentences for you to review or send.

I have personally used Superhuman for years as a paying user. As of August 2023, though, the following two options for AI-assisted emails have been rolled out. If you are an existing Outlook or Gmail user, these options may be even more appropriate for you than Superhuman. HOWEVER, I'm still a paying Superhuman subscriber because of the keyboard shortcuts and other built-in time-saving features.

Microsoft Copilot

Available in Outlook, Copilot lets you prompt an AI assistant to draft email replies on your behalf.

Simply explain the context and tone you want, and Copilot will generate a complete email body you can send as-is or customize further.

Google Duet

Google recently launched Duet, an AI assistant for Google Workspace that can help compose email responses.

Click the "Help me write" button to provide a brief prompt. Duet will then suggest thoughtful email content that captures your intent.

The Power of AI Writing Assistants

Leveraging tools like these allows you to focus on providing the overall direction while the AI handles the busywork of crafting perfect paragraphs.

And because these are just drafts, you can maintain control over the message content before you send – just without needing to manually type every word.

This approach helps you:

  • Respond faster to clear your inbox daily
  • Maintain your unique tone and style
  • Save 1+ hours a day previously spent on writing emails

I recently shared this insight on email efficiency during a custom productivity workshop for a tech startup team. They were blown away by how much time AI writing assistants can recover in their workdays.

My full-day workshops are tailored for high-performance leaders and teams looking to boost productivity. If you’re interested in learning more strategies like this, be sure to check out my workshops page and schedule a discovery call.

Start Writing Emails in Minutes

Don’t let email weigh you down any longer. Partner with AI to draft responses in minutes instead of hours.

This will transform your relationship with your inbox, freeing up more time for meaningful work and life activities.

The future is already here. Take advantage of it by partnering with AI to enhance – but not replace – your own skills and talents. Email is the perfect place to start experimenting with AI for time savings and productivity gains.

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