In today's Pro issue, I share three AI-first workflows that have dramatically improved how I work with concepts and ideas in my writing process.

Rule #7: Don't Reinvent Your Wheel, Refine It

The first wave of AI development in Q1 led to so many same-samey tools that promise to reinvent how you work or create. The truth is that the learning curve of these new workflows is often more time-intensive than doing things manually. How can you leverage AI in a way that augments your natural working style?

For years, I've coached entrepreneurs and their teams to help them increase their productivity and efficiency. I start by understanding their most valuable skills, their personality and instinctive tendencies to understand how they work best.

Then we design coping strategies so that they're able to minimize exposure or risk from low-value, draining activities and maximize exposure to high-value, energizing activities.

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