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When I think about my ideal work setting I imagine a roomy desk with a comfortable chair, perched in a beautiful rainforest canopy with green trees and exotic animals dotting the forest floor. Okay, maybe this is a bit dreamy. But for most, a large ergonomically chair and a spacious desk are essential for completing daily tasks. However, this may lead you to some questionable behavior in the workplace.

Researchers from top universities around the country have collaborated on a study that shows certain body postures can be linked to behavior. If you are sitting in an a spacious ergonomic desk chair, you are more likely to feel more powerful than someone sitting in a small seat on the metro. This feeling of power generated from body position can lead individuals to misbehavior such as stealing, cheating and violating traffic laws.

While we all are probably guilty of the latter of these options, it is important to monitor our activities and see if our behavior is in fact influenced by our physical settings. Who knows, maybe if we all switched to limited physical settings we would feel less powerful and more inclined to pump out work. Just some food for thought!

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