In today's hyperconnected world, there are endless ways we can communicate with team members or coworkers that work remotely.

To ensure maximum productivity with minimal effort, Laura Stack, a productivity pro, recommends taking the following 7 measures to stay connected and productive.

  1. Study your coworker's culture if it is different from your own. When you begin to understand how, when, where, and why your coworkers work best, you learn how to communicate with them more effectively, which in turn will increase efficiency when working together.
  2. Establish a common company culture. When a team is clear about where the company is going, how they are getting there, and why it is important, they are unstoppable. Even if individuals are working on separate projects, as long as they keep those things in mind, they will all reach a common goal.
  3. Communicate often. Communication is key to any successful relationship. The relationship you have with your team is no different. Frequent communication and check-ins will help keep the team in harmony and on schedule.
  4. Arrange workable teleconference time when everyone in the group can attend. When holding meetings, make sure that all key individuals and decision makers are present. This will help to keep the meetings concise and ensure that the meeting concludes with the outcome that it was set out to achieve.
  5. Establish blackout periods. Establishing blackout periods when you cannot reach people are just as important as being readily responsive. Strategic Coach has a term for this that they call "free days." In order for each individual on a team to be productive, they have to know they can shut down completely (or almost). These periods can include sleep hours, holidays, and even scheduled productivity periods throughout the day.
  6. Set clear milestones and deadlines. Creating clear milestones and deadlines, and making them easily accessible is key to keeping the entire team on track. Making these deadlines visible to the entire team also helps with accountability.
  7. Share feedback regularly. People like feedback. It helps them to learn, grow, and become better at what they do. Sharing what is working and what isn't will help the entire team step up their game.

A rockstar team isn't always formed in an office. It is possible to have an incredibly connected team, composed of all remote workers who communicate via phone, email, Google Hangouts, Skype, Beam, and other telepresence devices. To ensure a close knit and effective team, try incorporating some of the measures mentioned above and let us know what practices you have found that work best for your team!

H/T The Productivity Pro

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