Amazon has made headlines for the long hours workers are forced to put in, even during holidays. The company's CEO Jeff Bezos, somewhat fittingly, doesn't prescribe to the work-life balance ideology, instead opting for something more realistic and attainable.

He calls it "work-life harmony."

The term "balance" infers that life should be equal parts work and home life. However, that's not always possible. There will always be scenarios in which one will take precedence over the other. Harmony, however, is much more fluid. It suggests that work and the rest of your life can coexist in the same space.

And they should.

To be a top performer, you have to recognize when it's time to recharge and engage in activities that reenergize you. Like Bezos, top performers also have high standards for themselves and the work they produce. This often means that the work itself is energizing.

When it comes to a work-life harmony, it's important for both work and life to energize. This becomes a driving force in wanting to be your very best in all aspects of your life. This is one of the reasons why so many people are opting for flexible work schedules. It allows them to choose for themselves when it is time for work and when it is time for the rest of life, while those work hours are strategically chosen based on the times of day they are most productive.

At the end of the day, it's not about how many hours you spend working and how many hours you spend outside of work. To live harmoniously, all that matters is that you have things in all aspects of your life that give you the energy to perform as your best self.

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