Time is a funny thing. One minute you're working on blog post and the next thing you know you're on YouTube watching videos of adorable puppies. The smallest of distractions can send us into a vortex of wasted time, all while we somehow think we're still working. Toggl is a new way to help you track your time and can easily be used to figure out how you really spend your day.

The idea behind Toggl is fairly simple -- type in the item you are working on and click on 'start'. When you've completed said task, click stop. The basic, free version is a time tracker that gives you an overview of your time when you log-in to the website or the app (available for desktop or mobile). You can also view a report of how you've spent your time, with charts, a breakdown of projects, and even a breakdown of your time by client.

There's the obvious reasons why an app like Toggl is useful for your productivity -- it allows you to better plan and schedule your time and figure out if your time is being spent wisely. Even better, you can use Toggl to help you learn more about your own work habits. Is there a time of day that you complete tasks more efficiently? Are certain tasks taking you longer to complete than they should?

I suggest trying it out for a week -- track every single task and project you work on. At the end of the week, review the reports Toggle provides for you. How did you spend your time? What tasks took much longer than they should have? Were you distracted while performing those tasks? Think back over the week and see how you can improve your time. Make a few adjustments and try again the next week.

Have you used Toggle to track your time?

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