london olympics

Many of us have long been anticipating the 2012 London Olympics. The games are a time of excitement, unity and achievement, but we can also learn many important business lessons as we watch.

  • Each Olympian who has the honor of competing has waged a long and difficult battle to get where they are. Here are some important things we can learn from them about career management. [Blogging4Jobs]
  • Social media has brought in a new era when it comes to the Olympic experience. Athletes are able to take to Twitter and Facebook to immediately share their experiences firsthand. Businesses are using the worldwide event to promote products and services. Social media strategists, take note. [InformationWeek]
  • Find out what the complex and well-traveled path to the Olympics can teach us about business process management. []
  • Think of athletes as small franchises and the Olympics as the overall business. There are a lot of lessons we can take away from the 2012 London games that can benefit our franchising awareness. [FranchiseClique]
  • Failures and success go hand-in-hand in the Olympics and in business. Discover four important tips you can apply to your own industry. [Rhino Market Research]
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