Buzz Lightyear

You might think that movies are just for entertainment, but today's must-reads prove that there are plenty of leadership lessons to be learned from famous films.

  • Here's an offer you can't refuse: leadership lessons from "The Godfather," including the importance of community, accountability and family. [Fast Company]
  • "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" is more than a movie based on bank robbers and the Wild Bunch: it's also rife with key lessons on management. [Forbes]
  • Dr. Seuss, management guru? Here are three leadership tips from "The Lorax." [Contagious Commentary]
  • Another kids' movie, "Toy Story," also has helpful themes on team leadership. [Thinking is Hard Work]
  • Last but not least, leadership lessons inspired by "Titanic." [Mike Patterson]
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