Have you ever felt frustrated because your assistant or key team members didn't get or understand how to effectively communicate with you?

Have you ever let go a great employee, or maybe had a great employee voluntarily leave, because there was a mismatch between your expectations of the job and theirs?

You've probably never heard of me, and so you might not think that you and I have much in common, but actually, I understand exactly where you're coming from.

From my seat at the 2014 Abundance 360 Summit.

I'm the person behind the scenes tasked with transforming an entrepreneur's bold vision into reality. My entrepreneur has founded over a dozen companies in the space and technology industries, and coaches other entrepreneurs on how they can turn their success into global significance.

Thanks to his Abundance 360 coaching program, which I coordinate, I've not only gotten to meet and learn from other ultra-successful entrepreneurs, I've gotten to know their teams. Their assistants, their project managers, their heads of operations. I've seen them come and go, and I've picked their brains to learn why some of them stay for decades.

If you have an assistant, or maybe a small team of project managers, you already know what inefficiency costs your organization.

But do you know where this inefficiency originates?

A Salary.com study found that 32% of employees waste time because they are not incentivized to work harder.

What would it feel like if your best team member gamified his or her own work productivity, without any intervention needed from you?

Basex research reveals that knowledge workers lose 2.7 hours each day due to interruptions. That's because after each interruption, it takes them 23 minutes to reorient and resume work.

What if your project managers had the tools and language to not just minimize interruptions, but improve their ability to proactively thwart these distractions?

McKinsey conducted research that found 28% of the average workweek is spent reading and answering email. Assuming an 8-hour workday, that adds up to 11 hours per week.

What if your assistant was able to remain responsive, yet spend less than an hour a day on email?

The same McKinsey study also found that nearly 50% of surveyed American workers work late 2-3x/week due to disorganization. And 20% of their average workday is spent searching for and gathering information.

What if your key staff could organize and search for information seamlessly to deliver near-instant results?

It takes a very special type of person to complement and optimize an already high-achieving entrepreneur, and I've spent the better part of the last three years obsessing over the knowledge, skills and abilities this person has to have.

I combined this research with my own productivity expertise to create an incredible asset called the Ridiculously Efficient Big Efficiency Library, or REBEL. It's filled with my best stuff: checklists, templates, tutorials, app reviews, studies, downloads and exclusive articles. It also includes interviews with people who work for entrepreneurs in key roles, sharing their best practices and insights.

REBEL is tailored especially to entrepreneurs' teams -- the backstage all-stars, the unsung heroes who make it all happen.

Our community of Rebels is not only consuming content -- we're sharing best practices and discussing the struggles and situations we're facing at our respective offices -- so the group is continuously getting better, faster.

Entrepreneurs like you are Ferraris and Lamborghinis -- supercars that dramatically accelerate societal change. And people like me -- project managers, assistants, key team members -- are your fuel. REBEL will supercharge your assistant or best team members' effectiveness, and the Rebel community gives them access to peers and mentors in every industry imaginable.

Ultimately, Rebels get the tools and support we need to excel at work, manage our own motivation and energy, and avoid burnout.

What kind of impact would you create if you could take your best-performing employee, plug him or her into the REBEL community, and then sit back and watch the team's effectiveness skyrocket?

You see, Rebels aren't just individual high performers. We catalyze teams. We anticipate and break obstacles. We keep projects moving on time and under budget.

If you want to dramatically improve your assistant, project manager or other key staff member's productivity, communication skills and project management skills, enroll them in REBEL now.

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