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Marissa Brassfield Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

I enthusiastically recommend outsourcing or delegating tasks you're not passionate about doing yourself -- the pain-in-the-butt tasks that are necessary yet don't fall into your areas of interest (or skill) -- and I have to share a pleasant case study I just experienced firsthand with Freelancer....

Stop Tab Hoarding With Instapaper and IFTTT

Pop quiz: How many browser windows and tabs do you have open right now that you're not using? If you find yourself doing what I call tab hoarding, read on for an easy two-part solution. Instapaper I love Instapaper. This free tool lets you save websites for later...

A Case for Checklists

One of the seemingly counterproductive work habits I have is that I rely on comprehensive checklists, but it seriously works. This practice came from my time managing upscale restaurants in Philadelphia and Atlantic City as a fresh Penn grad. The restaurant organization I worked for required that managers fill out...

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