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There's one secret ingredient for productivity that most people overlook, especially while making New Year's resolutions. Like a chef's closely guarded spice blend, this extra element can make or break even your best efforts. It's commitment.

Think about the people in your life who've achieved an exceptionally difficult goal. Perhaps they've quit smoking cold turkey, or lost 100 pounds, or converted to veganism. No matter the task, these individuals were committed to pursuing a goal -- so committed that they were undeterred by the possibility of failure, pain or discomfort.

How committed are you to boosting your productivity in 2012? How dedicated are you to analyzing your workday, motivation and mentality to make changes that would improve your efficiency?

Anyone can become ridiculously efficient with the right commitment. My level of commitment is a healthy obsession: a willingness to catalyze change, a keen desire to constantly tweak and enhance and improve in the name of more free time. What's yours?

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