With so many teams being dispersed across oceans these days, a great project management tool has never been more necessary. If the usual suspects, like Basecamp and Asana, don't work for you, Fusioo might be the answer to your problems.

Fusioo is designed for small teams and allows you to customize the workspace for each project. If starting from scratch doesn't sound so enticing, you can start with a template from Fusioo's App Marketplace, and customize those as needed. The App Bundles include Project Management, Expense Management, and CRM for Small Businesses.

Perhaps their most unique feature is the Client Hub, which allows you to share the project workspace with clients, helping to create transparency and probably lessen the number of emails you have to send and receive.

You can also view projects on a Kanban board and create your own workflow. Fusioo boasts its security measures, allowing  you to give each team member or client different permissions.

Learn more about Fusioo below.

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