How much time in your workday is spent on tasks that don't directly generate revenue, create future opportunities, or improve your quality of life?

I'm talking about email.

McKinsey research has found that knowledge workers spend about 2.6 hours a day (almost 30% of the workweek) just on email.

I monitor four active email inboxes, which each get between 5 - 25+ emails a day that require a response, and am expected to be reasonably responsive to each one. Historically, I use tools like Superhuman (fast search + keyboard shortcuts), prewritten email templates, and text expansion shortcuts to help me triage and respond to basic replies.

But there's always a few emails that require a personalized response. And those emails can go unanswered a little longer than I'm comfortable with.

Can you relate?

Yesterday, I shared a mega-long post about Creative Intelligence and the new direction I'm taking with my knowledge curation and experimentation. It sparked a few really great questions from the community, like:

  • I know AI is going to be important, but what's worth using right now?
  • Where do I start? What tools are worth using?
  • How much time do I need to learn this stuff?
  • Will AI really save me time, based on my work?

These questions are exactly what I'm focused on now.

You can use AI for all kinds of things – but since email affects us all, here's an easy way for you to buy back some time in your workday right now.

What AI tools are worth using for email?

I'm really enjoying three tools: Addy, Jasper Chat, and ChatGPT.

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