employee engagement infographic

Here at Ridiculously Efficient, we are big advocates for employee engagement, for both in-office workers and telecommuters. An engaged employee is one who is more productive, feels part of a bigger goal, and is inspired to do their best work. The infographic below from Mindjet shows just how beneficial engaged employees are to any company.

An engaged worker tends to come into work on Monday mornings with a smile, they are more creative and more collaborative, and are healthier than their counterparts. They also don't get as stressed out by their commute. On the other hand, disengaged workers lead to billions in losses due to their lower levels of productivity.

There are a few simple ways companies can engage employees. Each worker should feel as though their work is recognized and appreciated by upper management, which will help to motivate them. Furthermore, play to each employee's strengths, which make them feel more engaged. And, build a company culture that makes each employer feel like an essential participant.

Learn more about engaging workers in the infographic below.

work engaged, work inspired infographic
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