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The workplace is changing. Management styles are expanding to friendlier, more encouraging tactics, and workplaces are moving to more lateral models. Some find these changes extreme and unsustainable in the long run, while others believe these changes are befitting of the modern world. Below are three trends many companies have implemented to boost worker productivity.

No More Job Titles

More and more companies and implementing what is called a holacratic work model. This gets rid of all job titles and does away with management altogether. Instead, the model opts for distributing leadership evenly throughout the organization. Zappos, online retailer, has recently adopted this model.

Salary Transparency

Companies like Buffer and SumAll make individual salaries a well-known fact throughout their companies. The idea behind this policy is that workers no longer have worry about how their salaries compare to their colleagues. The transparency puts the focus back on work and gives employees a better understanding of where the threshold lies for raises.

Unlimited Vacation Time

This is one perk that many employers have been implementing in the hopes that it will encourage employees to become more productive. So, they encourage employees to embrace downtime, take time off to recharge and travel the world. However, some aren't so sure that this is such a great idea. Some say that having too many options might be too stressful, and the lack of guidance is confusing.

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