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The man in the red suit will be visiting the homes of every child tonight, squeezing himself down chimneys to leave presents behind for those who have been deemed 'nice' this year. Along the way, he might stop for a glass of milk and a cookie or two. He travels around the world all in one night, lugging presents around for millions upon millions of children. This is the kind of job that requires a level of productivity many of us will only dream of. Below are three ways you can use Santa's productivity methods in your own life.

1. You can't do it alone.

Santa has the help of millions of volunteers all around the world, in the form of family members and friends, as well as those who impersonate him. Up at the North Pole, he has elves working all year round to ensure no child is forgotten on Christmas day. All of these people share the same vision, and it is this shared vision that leads so many to become motivated to be efficient and willing to give their time to one particular cause.

2. Have fun.

Santa has a distinct goal -- for every child to have a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. How that happens is left up to the parents and relatives of each child. Managers should make the goals clear, but leave the 'how' up to employees. This keeps the sense of creativity and imagination involved, which gives employees the freedom to have fun with whatever they are working on.

3. Find your Rudolph.

Rudolph is the reindeer with a red nose that was considered the outcast by his peers. But even though he was ridiculed, he offered a unique skill that only he could provide on Christmas Eve. With his red nose, Rudolph could provide a bit of light during Santa's journey, illuminating the sky and clearing a path for the sleigh through bad weather. Visionaries, thought-leaders and innovators come in many forms. Keep your mind open to ideas, even if they seem far-fetched. Additionally, keep your vision clear and concise to guide your team through even the most tumultuous of times.

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