christian grobmeier zen programmer

Last week, we shared a three-part series in which Christian Grobmeier, the author of The Zen Programmer, told us why he turned to meditation, how it has helped his productivity and his new schedule with a great work-life balance. Today, in the final part of our interview, Grobmeier tells us about his top productivity tip and what readers will gain from reading his book.

What is your #1 productivity tip?

Sleep when you are tired, Eat when you are hungry and meditate so that you can remember that work is not making your life worse, but plays an important part in it.

What is the single most important thing people will take away after reading The Zen Programmer?

They will find a modern interpretation of Zen which can be applied to to our busy working lives today. Experienced Buddhists will not find anything new except my personal story. All others will understand why I believe that meditation is not a relict of the past, but an important thing for our current working environment.

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