important work skills 2020

The last decade has seen major changes in the workforce and as we continue to see more changes, people are forced to adjust to new job requirements. The infographic below from Top 10 Online Colleges outlines the the most important skills people will need to retain their jobs in 2020.

The infographic points out six drivers of change. People are living longer which means there will be more people in the workforce over the age of 60. On the other hand, the rise of technology is slowly getting rid of repetitive jobs. However, technology will be making existing jobs easier by providing data that was never available before. These technologies are also requiring that people in the workforce are literate in visual communications, as well as traditional communications. Thanks to social technologies, companies will be able to run at extreme scales, with super optimized workflows. Lastly, the entire world is now connected, which means there is no longer a monopoly on innovation.

A few of the work skills that will be required in 2020 (in many cases, these are already required) include cross-culturual competency, social intelligence, new media literacy, and a design mindset.

Learn more about future work skill requirements in the infographic below.

important work skills of 2020
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