Do you ever avoid stepping on the scale out of fear for what it will read? Similarly, do you avoid tracking progress on a project because you are scared you won't meet your deadline? You could be falling victim to what experts call the Ostrich Problem. When people are afraid of learning bad news and thus avoid information pertaining to the problem altogether, they are experiencing the Ostrich Problem. Here are three of the main issues associated with the Ostrich Problem.

You will become scared to leave your comfort zone. If you are comfortable with the way you currently do things, it can be difficult to switch up your routine. Unfortunately, this can force us into a rut, where we are unable to leave our routine. In order to stay fresh in the workplace, consistently work outside your comfort zone.

You won't reach your goals. If you check your progress, you will improve. Negative feedback can be painful, but it is essential for putting you on the road to success. The temporary pain of negative feedback will always be less of a burden than the pain incurred with a major failure such as not meeting a deadline.

You wont be able to evaluate your methods. Evaluation leads to improvement. Without it, you can be doing the same, sloppy job, and utterly failing without even realizing it. 'Evaluate and improve' is the mantra.

Overcome the Ostrich Problem by setting deadlines, automating the measurement process, and finding ways to deal with negative feedback. This way, you can become the most productive person possible.

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