Being ridiculously efficient is like being a sprinter and a long-distance runner at once. We thrive under tight deadlines, find focus even in stressful work environments, and have the stamina to continually produce results, on project after project.

Two ENORMOUS obstacles threaten us long-term: burnout and boredom.

When we burn out, our body's bank account is overdrawn. Energy, emotional control, creativity and concentration are all depleted. And it squanders any hope of a truly "free" night or weekend. And when we're bored -- when we're not taking game-winning shots -- it's hard to summon up the will to crank at full tilt. Managing it all is a bit like a dance. Do you know the steps?

I've started to compile and capture my best strategies on these topics. How to keep burnout at bay, but still maintain flow. How to sustain maximum productivity, even when there's no pressure to perform at your peak. How to continuously improve, even when no one demands it of you. I'm archiving all these strategies on REBEL.

Check it out here.

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